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Serengeti Cats


The Serengeti is a breed of domestic cat, first developed by crossing a Bengal (domestic and wild hybrid) and an Oriental Shorthair. Recognized and registered by The International Cat Association (TICA). From the Bengal × Oriental cross came the first foundation Serengeti. Breeders then worked with the cat to produce a cat that resembles the breed profile set by TICA. Created by biologist Karen Sausman of Kingsmark Cattery in California in 1994, the breed is still in the development stages, but the ultimate aim is to produce a cat that looks similar to a serval, without using any recent wild cat blood. Wikipedia 2022

Featured on this page are pictures of our female Serengeti Mazikeen (Maze). Kittens expected late 2022. Mazikeen is Pra-B N/N and Pk-Def N/N.

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