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We are excited to announce the addition of a long haired Bengal line in our cattery. These Bengals will have a beautiful long silky coat texture, and like their short haired counterparts, are also considered hypoallergenic, making these a great choice for lovers of long haired cats.

TICA RW CH Fox Creek Bengals Talia of Eye of the Tiger

* First cashmere bengal to be presented with the prestigious Jean Mill Award

* Awarded TICA 2023 Best Longhair Bengal Kitten (Northeast Region)

* Awarded TICA 2023 Best Longhair Bengal Adult (Northeast Region)

PRA-b N/N, PKDef N/N, HCM screened lines. 

Quality Bengals Exotic Genesis (Genie)

PRA-b N/N, PKDef N/N, HCM screened lines.

CFA Champion Heavensblessing Jo (Josie) of Eyeofthetiger

PRA-b N/N, PKDef N/N, HCM Screened Clear 2024

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