Deposit: At the time of kitten selection, we will take a $250.00 non-refundable deposit, towards the purchase price of your kitten. At approximately 8 weeks old, you will be contacted to provide an additional non-refundable payment of $250.00 towards the total purchase price of your kitten. If at any time, you choose not to proceed with the purchase of your kitten following the deposit/down payment, it can be deferred one time to a future litter, following which, it will be lost. If your chosen kitten were to encounter a health problem or death prior to homing, we will defer the payment to our next available litter.

Disclaimer: We, Eye of the Tiger Cattery, reserve the right to not proceed with the further purchase of one of our kittens once a deposit or down payment has been placed if we decide to keep the kitten for our breeding program or if we feel that circumstances have changed and the kitten chosen is not a good fit for your family. At this time, you would have the choice to defer payment to our next litter, or request a refund. 

SBT Kittens - $2500 to $3000 each. A discount of $250.00 will be offered if a second kitten is added to the same family, at the same time. If you have purchased a kitten from us in the past, we will offer a $100.00 discount off an additional kitten purchase. A $250.00 (non-refundable) deposit will be requested at the time of kitten selection. An additional $250.00 (refundable) deposit is required once the kitten reach 8 weeks of age. The total $500.00 deposit will be deducted from the total kitten price. The remaining balance is due on day of pickup.

4G Kittens - $3500 each.

Breeder Kittens (contact for pricing).

All kittens will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated twice, dewormed and microchipped. Kittens will also be sent home with their TICA registration paperwork, a written 2 year health guarantee (please see our contracts), a pet insurance trial and a kitten starter pack (including a pet carrier, small cat tree/scratcher, food, litter, litter box, food/water dishes, toys and a blanket).